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It’s important to know how it works and what you can expect from the process. Jay Packers and Movers is a premier car shipping company specializing in transporting cars across the country. We offer two wheelers and car transport services to thousands of clients every year, and our goal is to provide you with the best car shipping experience possible. 

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and we make sure that your vehicle gets transported safely and securely. We know that your car or truck is an integral part of your life, so we will work hard to make sure it reaches its destination safely and on time.

Our Car Transportation Services -

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Open Carrier

Our open car carriers are ideal for small cars and other vehicles with limited space. The carriers can be loaded from the rear, front or side. You can choose how you want to load your vehicle. Our open car carriers are available in different sizes to accommodate your vehicle. Our open carriers are perfect for transporting vehicles with a low center of gravity, such as cars and motorcycles​

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Door to Door

This is the most popular and economical service. You can request this service if you are moving within the same city or state. You can also choose this option if you need to keep your vehicle at a storage facility while you are away in another city. Our drivers will pick up your car from your home, drive it to its new location, and then drop off at your new home address.

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Enclosed Carrier

Our enclosed car carriers protect your vehicle during transit. They are made of strong steel frames that ensure durability and safety while transporting your vehicle. We provide enclosed car carriers in different sizes to accommodate any vehicle type including trucks and even boats. .

Flatbed Carrier

Our flatbed car carriers have been designed especially for larger vehicles such as trucks, vans and SUVs which need extra protection during transit due to their size or weight. Our flatbeds can be loaded from the rear or side doors depending on how big the vehicle is and how much room there is available on them.

Terminal to Terminal

Our Terminal to Terminal service allows you to drop off your vehicle at a terminal location near you instead of having it delivered directly to its final destination. We can ship any vehicle worldwide. We offer a complete range of transport services for cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your vehicle is safely transported from A to B.

Why Choose Jay packers and Movers ?

Jay Packers and Movers is best for your car transportation. Our company is a leading relocation services provider in Bihar. We have been offering our services to clients across the country in an efficient and reliable manner. We are a team of professionals who understand the requirements of customers and work accordingly.

We have experience in this field:
The team of professionals at Jay packers and movers has years of experience in this profession. We will take care of all your requirements for car transportation and needs so that you can relax while we do our job efficiently. We have a fleet of vehicles that includes trucks, trailers, vans, etc. These vehicles are well equipped with all the necessary equipment required to handle the transportation of cars safely. 

We have modernized trucks:
When it comes to moving vehicles, you need good trucks which are equipped with the latest technology so that we can handle all kinds of cars smoothly without any hindrance or damage. At Jay packers and movers, we have modernized trucks that help them in handling vehicles easily without any damage or breakage during transit. Car transportation is a tedious task, which requires expertise and experience. It’s not just about packing and moving, it’s also about how you pack the car and how you move it.

The finest cars deserve the best drivers:
Yes, we’ve got just the guys. Our team of motor transportation experts will treat your car as if it’s our own while we drive you across town. That means that even if your new sports car has a scratch on it, our transporters avoid mistakes at all costs; we are professionals, after all! We have vehicles that are well equipped with all the necessary equipment required to handle the transportation of cars safely. Our team of drivers has vast experience in handling cars as they have handled hundreds of cars till now.

Affordable Prices:
Jay Packers and Movers provides affordable rates for all types of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, buses, etc., without compromising on quality service delivery! We offer discounts if you book more than one vehicle. You don’t have to worry about spending too much money because we offer competitive rates along with quality services that will surely satisfy you!

The Simple Process we Follow

You contact us for car picking

You book our car shipping services giving us destinaion address and a pickup time. The car will be picked up at the given time and location by an experienced driver. You will also have to provide additional information, such as how soon they need the vehicle delivered if you want insurance coverage on their car, etc. According to all the necessary details our team of experts will pick up and transport your car.

Our team checks the car before delivering

The driver will take your car to their facility where it will be inspected for damage, cleaned and repaired if necessary, and checked for any missing parts or fluids. If there are any problems with your vehicle, you will be notified before it leaves the dock so that you can solve any issues before they become serious problems later on in transit.

Loading of the Car

Your car will reach its destination by truck or ship, depending on the mode of transportation you choose while booking. At its destination, it will be unloaded, inspected again, and taken by another experienced driver for storage until you ask for it. Once inspected and repaired if necessary, the car will be loaded onto a truck or trailer depending on distance and size compared to other vehicles being transported simultaneously.

Delivery of the Car

We deliver the car to your doorstep after inspection and loading are done. We have an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to their job and provide you with a hassle-free delivery service. We have maintained our reputation by providing excellent services to our clients. Our services are available at a very reasonable price, and we offer affordable prices to all our customers

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re moving to a new state, you may be wondering whether or not you need to prepare your car for relocation. After all, it’s just one more thing that can stress you out during the relocation process. However, preparing your car for relocation can actually help you make the transition easier on both you and your vehicle.

There are many factors that affect the time it takes to move a car, including the distance of the journey, the size of the vehicle and the number of stops along the way. The average time for a car to be driven across town is between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on traffic conditions and other factors. If you’re moving your car across town, you should allow yourself plenty of time in case there are traffic jams or other problems.

The answer is simple: It depends. If you are shipping your vehicle by truck, then the answer is no. You do not need to drop off or pick up your vehicle. When the auto transport company arrives at your location, they will load your vehicle onto their truck and haul it away to its destination.

Yes. You will be able to track your vehicle on the map in real time and also get other information such as estimated arrival time, route and more. Please note that if you have a large order it may not be possible to track all of the individual items in real time due to the high volume of traffic.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


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