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Shifting from one home to another is a mixed sort of feeling. We are a bit lost in the memories of the past house, but we are also excited about moving to a new home. 

At such a time, one thing that bothers us a lot is the home relocation. Arranging all the goods and taking care of the antiques, glasses, and other goods that can be easily damaged  After you’ve packed and organized all of your belongings, the challenge becomes transporting them safely and on time through the city’s congested streets.

But what if you didn’t have to go through all this? What if someone trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced could do it for you at a low cost?

Sounds great, right?

Jay Packers and Movers does exactly this for you!

Packaging and loading for home relocation

We have a highly skilled team of packers who will use ten different types of packaging methods for various goods depending on how easily they can be damaged during the journey. And they know 17 knot-tying techniques to assure the safety of the goods during transportation


After these, we have highly experienced drivers who know every area of the city and know which streets will be the safest and smoothest to go through. They are very professional, follow all the traffic rules, and thus are able to give you a safe and timely delivery of all your home goods.

Unloading and Unpacking

After our drivers have delivered your goods safely to your new home, our expert staff will be there to take care of the unloading and unpacking of the goods so that you can take a rest from the tiring journey and make yourself comfortable at home rather wethan worrying about all the goods.ransported

If you have cars that need to be serviced,  also do that for you. We have very safe and well-arranged trucks that will keep your cars safe during the whole relocation journey! You can read more about it in our service section.

But what if there is a mistake and the goods get damaged?

Don’t worry, we have you covered here as well! We offer you car insurance services so that you don’t lose your valuable goods because of our mistakes! You can read more about it in the service section

Do we have any back-up plans in case of an emergency or a change in plans?

Yes, we do! We have our large, spacious storehouses in every city we serve. In case of an emergency, our many clients have trusted us with their goods, which we have stored in our warehouses with proper care and safety so that whenever they need it to be done smoothly!  

So if you are thinking about home relocation, then call us today and we will be there on the day of the relocation.

Call us today so that we can schedule our team for your relocation in advance!   


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