10 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Transportation

prepare your car for transportation
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If you need to relocate your automobile from your old house to your new one, you must hire Jay packers and movers. They will transfer your automobile and will prepare your car for the transportation.
Packers and movers don’t simply drive your automobile to your new house and leave it there, though. Instead, we prepare your car for the transportation and is placed on a truck designed to haul numerous vehicles, which is then driven to your new home or the closest depot of the auto transport firm.

You need to be sure that you have properly prepped your car for its journey before transporting

whether you are exporting it domestically or abroad. The actions listed below will ensure safe automobile shipping once you’ve gotten your car shipping quotes and decided which Packers and Movers in India to use for best car transportation service.

Getting ready your car for shipping

To ensure that your car arrives when expected, it is essential to prepare your car for shipping. You must finish the following eight duties before the movers and packers arrive to pick up your car.

1. Clean your car

Dust and grime are excellent at hiding dings, scrapes, and dents. Before calling the packers and movers in India to come and pick up your car, thoroughly wash it. prepare you car in every way possible cleaning your car is important.

If the vehicle is clean, you’ll be able to detect any potential shipping-related damage more easily when it gets to its destination.

2. Describe the vehicle’s interior in detail

While being transported, your car may move a little bit. The interior of your automobile should be cleaned, and anything that isn’t fastened should be taken out to prevent items from being thrown around before giving your car to movers and packers, along with air fresheners and spare coins. All of your equipment, together with the connections and chargers that go with them, should be taken apart. It is important to prepare your car for transportation wisely.

3. Take Photographs of Your Vehicle

It’s the ideal moment to take snapshots after the automobile has been thoroughly cleaned. Make sure the pictures are recent and of high quality. Additionally, avoid only photographing the damaged parts. Take general pictures of the car from various perspectives. This is also a way to prepare your car for the transportation for your personal records, you can never have too many pictures to safeguard yourself in the unlikely event that something gets damaged in transit.

4. Organise or Take Away Accessories

If they can be removed, you should do so to avoid causing harm to your car or the accessories themselves. We’re talking about extras like bike racks, luggage racks, ski racks, and personalized spoilers. If you have an antenna that can be taken off, do so and store it in the car’s trunk. If you have side-view mirrors that can be folded in, do so. it is important to prepare your car in a way that you can avoid any kind of damage.

5. Inspect the Tires, Battery, and Radiator

Make sure the radiator is filled with antifreeze and that the battery is safe and securely fastened. Make sure your tires are filled appropriately. If the tyres or wheels are under or over-inflated, harm to them during transit is a possibility.

6. Inspect your fluid levels and look for any leaks.

Fill up your gasoline tank and look for any fluid leaks (oil, brake, engine coolant, battery fluid, etc.). Prior to moving day with movers and packers, make sure to patch any fluid leaks you notice in your car. because a fluid overflow could harm the engine and influence how well your automobile performs. prepare you car for transportation technically too.

7. Turn off alarms and anti-theft gadgets

Don’t forget to turn off the alarms and anti-theft systems to avoid any inconveniences for the driver, such as limiting access to the car or other issues. Despite the fact that it may seem counterintuitive, the workers transporting your car must have unrestricted access in case of problems.

8. Repair your convertible top’s tears (if any)

Preventing moisture from entering the vehicle is crucial when shipping a convertible top. Keeping everything tightly covered will help ensure that the interior of your automobile will remain completely undamaged and free of mold and other dirt, even though it may experience various weather conditions.

9. Prior to the shipment, sign up for a moving insurance plan.

In situations beyond your control, there is always a danger that anything could go wrong. If you anticipate driving a distance to your new home in your car, purchasing moving insurance might be a wise decision. Making a commitment to a policy will allow you to relax knowing that you are covered in the case of an accident.

When moving a car, make a list of questions to ask and ask the packers and movers in India if they provide insurance for your vehicle. They might collaborate with a third-party insurance provider if they don’t offer insurance themselves.

10. Always carry a backup set of keys.

One of the best pieces of advice for exporting a car with movers and packers is to have a spare pair of keys, one for you and one for the auto carrier. Whether they are simply unloading it from a ship or truck or are really driving it to you, the moving company will require a key for both transportation and delivery.

Additionally, you don’t want to find out you’ve lost your original set upon moving into your new house and are unable to use your automobile.


It could appear difficult to drive the car to your new target city. However, it’s crucial to prepare your car before moving it in order to assure maximum safety and prevent any needless damage. Before transferring your car with packers and movers in India, don’t forget to give it a thorough inside-out cleaning and check the fuel level, tire pressure, and general condition of the car. Prior to moving, be sure to lock the automobile and secure any loose pieces.

By entrusting a reputable moving company like Jay Packers and Movers with transferring your car, you can reduce your stress levels our team will prepare your car . With the assistance of specialist vehicles, they follow the necessary safety procedures and offer reliable and secure car transport services.



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